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Our new book has just published by Tuttle Publishing.

600 Basic Japanese Verbs is a handy, easy-to-use guide to one of the building blocks of language learning-verbs. This book will come to the rescue as it shows learners how to conjugate the 600 most common Japanese verbs quickly, and with very little effort. This is the only guide to list all verb forms in both Japanese script and romanized form, while giving an accurate English translation for each conjugated form, making this book far more comprehensive than any other book on the subject.

Compiled by Japanese language experts at The Hiroo Japanese Center, more than 30 different verbal forms are given for each verb including all forms used in contemporary spoken, written, formal and conversational Japanese?making this the ideal reference when reading any sort of Japanese printed materials including manga, newspapers, magazines and books. 600 Basic Japanese Verbs places an expert resource at your fingertips, giving you the information you need to speak, read, and write Japanese sentences correctly.

Key features of this book are:

Finally Learning! 2013/10/14
By M. Morales - (
My mom is from Okinawa and we have lived on Okinawa several times.
I even took Japanese at a local community college, but none of my textbooks were ever as good as 600 Basic Japanese Verbs!
From the very beginning, in the introduction, the verbs are broken down into easy to understand categories: u-dropping conjugation, ru-dropping conjugation, and irregular conjugation.
Never has anyone taken the time to explain this to me before and now I am finally starting to understand Japanese when I watch anime with my kids, watch J-drama, or listen to my mom speaking Japanese.
The explanation of differentiating between the verb endings was even simple enough for my high school girls to understand and apply to their basic Japanese that they are learning in school.
With the Japanese script, Romanized forms, and English translations, practicing verb usage correctly is a breeze while improving my reading skills.
I just told their teacher about this book the other day and he is just as excited!

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