The Financial Support Statement


To The Minister of Justice


Applicantfs Nationality:

Applicantfs Name:

Applicantfs Date of Birth:

Applicantfs Sex:


I hereby declare the reason why I should be a sponsor of the person mentioned above, and how to pay the expenses of him/her, since I undertake the sponsorship of him/her during his/her stay in Japan.

1. The followings are the reasons why I undertake the financial support of the applicant and I declare the relationship with him/her.





2. I,                      , guarantee the following payment to the person mentioned above and I will submit the documents concerning the remittance certificate or his/her bankbook that indicates my remittance to him/her as the proof when he/she applies for the student visa extension.


(1)   Tuition fee for one year:   JPY 660,000

(2)   Living Expenses for every month: JPY

(3)   The method of payment to the applicant:(Please explain how to give or send him/her the above fee.





Sponsorfs Address:

Sponsorfs Telephone Number:

Sponsorfs Name and Signature:

Relationship between the Sponsor and Applicant: